Craig F. Dothe Architect Company

Before and After Gallery

Before Picture

3000 Boardwalk Before

Beige on the Boardwalk, this location for a psychic reader offered none of the colorful attitude associated with this profession. The storefront seemed more like a window to the past than the future.

After Picture

3000 Boardwalk After

The new facade is a combination of moving forms and exciting colors. The glowing orbs, sweeping curves and bright colors combine references to the gypsy caravans of old, while looking decidedly modern. This psychic now provides a bridge between your past and your future.

Before Picture

Bare Exposure Facada Before

The existing facade was antiquated. The building facade looked like a storefront on the first floor and residential apartments above. The monochrome color blended the building into one mass and did not draw patrons interest into what was located in the building or if it was open.

After Picture

Bare Exposure Facada After

The new facade brings an update to the building and makes it stand out for the surrounding facades during the daytime. Nighttime brings a electrifying look the the facade with new colorful lighting. The lighting makes people want to know what in the building since there appears to be a party.

Before Picture

Multi-Use Building Before

Stucco and brick tries to give the building and updated look, but where is the entrance? The existing stucco also looks decrepit and dingy, giving a neglected and abandoned look overall to the building.

After Picture

Multi-Use Building After

The removal of the existing stucco with the cleaning of the existing brick gives the building a refreshed look. New stone stairs and signage welcomes the clients into the building entrance. New landscaping provides a softening effect to the massive solid feeling of the front facades.